Business Leadership in the Age of Digital Cowboys

Auteur: Viljakainen, Pekka
Auteur: Mueller-Eberstein, Mark
Editeur: Marshall Cavendish Editions
Publication: 2011
Edition n°:
ISBN: 978-981-434666-5
e-ISBN: 978-981-434688-7
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The expectations on business leaders to be successful are changing dramatically. Globalization, a new generation entering the workplace, the mobile revolution and the consumer-driven economy dominating the next economic cycle – managers and executives need to meet these challenges and their consequences head-on and without fear.

However, help and guidance is at hand. Pekka Viljakainen and Mark Mueller-Eberstein have been at the cutting-edge of business organizations and their leadership for the past 15 years. In their book, NO FEAR, they bring together a global group of executives and thought leaders to provide unique and timely insights and advice for current and next generation business leaders.

What NO FEAR will offer:

Russia’s political strategy on innovation, explained by Arkady Dvorkovich (chief aide to President Medvedev, Russia)
Academic and industry experience from leading consultants and thought-leaders:
- Bill Fischer (Professor, IMD Business School, Lausanne, Switzerland)
- Philipp Rosenthal (technology evangelist, Germany)

Personal success recipes and insights from CEOs covering Europe, the Americas and Asia:
- Victor Orlovsky (Executive V-P and Chief Technology Officer, Sberbank 000, Russia)
- Marten Mickos (CEO, Eucalyptus Corporation, USA and former CEO of MySQL SB),
- Birger Steen (CEO, Parallels, Inc, USA and former President, Microsoft Russia and Microsoft Norway),
- Kari Hakola (Senior V-P and management consultant, Finland)
- Alex Yong Qing Lin (Founder and DEO,, China)

The book, in short, presents a manifesto for business leadership in the digital age. It sets out the agenda for mastering the challenges of tomorrow in a truly global and people-oriented way. It guides current and future leaders to engage, lead and maybe even become “Digital Cowboys”, the drivers and catalyst of the ongoing change as well as the key contributors to organizational success.

The pace of change will only accelerate as digital technology develops further and the Playstation Generation reshapes economies and societies all around the world. For current and future managers, NO FEAR provides guidance on how to act and lead successfully in the new world.
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