The Ultimate Guide to Increasing Your Online Profits

Auteur: Wylie, Jed
Editeur: Marshall Cavendish Editions
Publication: 2012
Edition n°:
ISBN: 978-981-434635-1
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This book gives you the unique and proven 9 step strategy for outstanding online success.  Inside you’ll find hundreds of powerful practical ideas, unbeatable strategies and simple how-to guides dedicated to increasing your profits.   Plus, you will discover exactly how to rapidly increase visitors to your website and turn them into customers.

The Unique 9 Step Strategy:

1. Get into the web owner’s mindset – why thinking differently will make you money
2. Find the perfect web design partner – quickly and effortlessly without making a costly mistake
3. Plan and build your website – on budget, on time and hassle-free
4. Discover the 7 principles of Internet marketing – how using them will double your revenue
5. Get instant traffic to your website – leapfrog your competitors to the top on Google
6. Build lasting relationships with your customers – watch them buy from you again and again
7. Turn visitors into customers – the top techniques for increasing sales from your website
8. Get lasting traffic to your website – at zero (or almost zero) cost for years to come
9. Analyse and Grow – unearth the truth about your visitors and use it to radically increase your profits

Written for people who don’t want to become technical but do want to become successful online, Make Your Website Sell is simply the ultimate guide to owning and growing lead-generating and ecommerce websites.  Perfect for veterans and Internet start-ups alike.

If you want to outstanding results then buy “Make Your Website Sell” today.  See also the video book trailer in the Amazon’s Jed Wylie Page. 

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