Our Misplaced Trust in the Stock Market - and Smarter, Safer Ways to Invest

Auteur: Winslow, Edward
Editeur: Berrett-Koehler Publishers
Publication: 2003
Edition n°:
ISBN: 978-1-57675252-4
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- Establishes that investing in common stock or equity mutual funds is riskier than ever and that traditional methods used by investment professionals to control this risk do not provide adequate protection against loss.
- Shows that the real winners in the stock market are the executives, corporations and the brokerage industry. The potential rewards are so enticing that the behavior of these "beneficiaries" of market advances can range from unethical transgressions to outright fraud.
- Presents a logical and common sense strategy for safeguarding investments in the market against loss in bad times while providing for participation in the gains when times are good. These attractive investment options are rarely discussed in mainstream financial literature. They are described in detail and offer a smarter and safer course for the more than 40% of households that own some form of common stock.

The risk of investing in the stock market has increased remarkably over the last decade. In this period we've seen tremendous volatility in stock prices, a market bubble and its subsequent pop, a parade of corporate scandals, the demise of a leading accounting firm and proven deception by many so-called investment analysts employed by major brokerage firms. In addition, the realities of ever-increasing geopolitical risks contribute to an uncertain economic future.

Blind Faith offers a cleverly simple yet revolutionary approach for managing investments in this perpetual high-risk environment. Corporate America and the investment industry have little to gain and lots to lose when investors decide to stop playing the traditional game that can -and has - destroyed trillions of dollars of individual wealth overnight. Readers will be equipped with both the strategy and the tools for success in virtually any economic environment while ending their participation in a system that has taken full advantage of their blind faith and misplaced trust.

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