Auteur: Parker, Eric
Auteur: Illetschko, Kurt
Auteur: Johnson, Lesley-Caren
Editeur: Bookstorm
Publication: 2011
Edition n°:
ISBN: 978-1-92043413-7
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Finance is often the most difficult area of business for entrepreneurs to manage. You have a great product, you have a great marketing campaign planned, but if you don’t get the finances right your business cannot flourish. Finance in Your Own Business is designed to give you, the small business owner, the essential advice you need to succeed in your entrepreneurial venture without having to resort to costly consultants. The book is concise, with practical information on how to manage your finances effectively and includes important information from the New Companies Act.

Finance in Your Own Business looks at three essential areas of finance in small businesses:
• How to raise finance for your business – what finance is available, where to find it, how to approach financiers.
• Finance for non-financial people - learn to understand and analyse your management account information: income statements, balance sheet, cash flow and budgets.
• Mastering 15 key business calculations – why these calculations are essential, how to calculate gross profit, breakeven point, mark-ups, staff productivity, net profit margin, working capital, return on investment, cash flow and more.

ERIC PARKER is a well-known entrepreneur and expert on small business and franchising. He has published numerous books on the subject and is a sought-after speaker on business topics. He is currently hosting SME Zone, a small business show on Summit TV.  KURT ILLETSCHKO is a full-time business writer.  LESLEY-CAREN JOHNSON is a business consultant who works with companies to streamline their administrative processes and she trains business owners in management and finance. She is the author of The Ultimate South African Business Companion. 

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