Auteur: Gunasundaram, Rajesh
Auteur: Goya, Randall
Editeur: Packt Publishing
Publication: 2017
Edition n°:
ISBN: 978-1-78439377-9
e-ISBN: 978-1-78439111-9
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Share code and assets across domains in Web applications with CORS

About This Book

  • A step-by-step guide but at a high level/fast pace. Not all steps are covered as a basic knowledge is assumed
  • Provides a basic overview of the concepts but the focus is on providing the practical skills required to develop applications
  • Focuses on providing practical examples

Who This Book Is For

Web developers have been limited by the Same Origin Policy and often wish they could spread their application across different domains. You know JavaScript and AJAX, and have run up against the Same Domain Policy, which is limiting your applications.

What You Will Learn

  • Why you need CORS: Bending the Same Origin Policy and basic CORS implementation, headers and XMLHttpRequest
  • Creating proxies for CORS: Sometimes the header is not enough
  • Security: vulnerabilities and how to secure your CORS application
  • CORS implementations in Content Management systems
  • Learn about CORS in Windows applications
  • Take CORS on the Cloud
  • Apply CORS in Node.js
  • Best practices for CORS

In Detail

This book explains how to use CORS, including specific implementations for platforms such as Drupal, WordPress, IIS Server, ASP.NET, JBoss, Windows Azure, and Salesforce, as well as how to use CORS in the Cloud on Amazon AWS, YouTube, Mulesoft, and others. It examines limitations, security risks, and alternatives to CORS. It explores the W3C Specification and major developer documentation sources about CORS. It attempts to predict what kinds of extension to the CORS specification, or completely new techniques, will come in the future to address the limitations of CORS

Web developers will learn how to share code and assets across domains with CORS. They will learn a variety of techniques that are rather similar in their method and syntax. The book is organized by similar types of framework and application, so it can be used as a reference. Developers will learn about special cases, such as when a proxy is necessary. And they will learn about some alternative techniques that achieve similar goals, and when they may be preferable to using CORS

Style and approach

A step-by-step guide filled with real-world applications

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