Auteur: Allen, Lee
Auteur: Cardwell, Kevin
Editeur: Packt Publishing
Publication: 2016
Edition n°: 2
ISBN: 978-1-78439581-0
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Employ the most advanced pentesting techniques and tools to build highly-secured systems and environments

About This Book

  • Learn how to build your own pentesting lab environment to practice advanced techniques
  • Customize your own scripts, and learn methods to exploit 32-bit and 64-bit programs
  • Explore a vast variety of stealth techniques to bypass a number of protections when penetration testing

Who This Book Is For

This book is for anyone who wants to improve their skills in penetration testing. As it follows a step-by-step approach, anyone from a novice to an experienced security tester can learn effective techniques to deal with highly secured environments.

Whether you are brand new or a seasoned expert, this book will provide you with the skills you need to successfully create, customize, and plan an advanced penetration test.

What You Will Learn

  • A step-by-step methodology to identify and penetrate secured environments
  • Get to know the process to test network services across enterprise architecture when defences are in place
  • Grasp different web application testing methods and how to identify web application protections that are deployed
  • Understand a variety of concepts to exploit software
  • Gain proven post-exploitation techniques to exfiltrate data from the target
  • Get to grips with various stealth techniques to remain undetected and defeat the latest defences
  • Be the first to find out the latest methods to bypass firewalls
  • Follow proven approaches to record and save the data from tests for analysis

In Detail

The defences continue to improve and become more and more common, but this book will provide you with a number or proven techniques to defeat the latest defences on the networks. The methods and techniques contained will provide you with a powerful arsenal of best practices to increase your penetration testing successes.

The processes and methodology will provide you techniques that will enable you to be successful, and the step by step instructions of information gathering and intelligence will allow you to gather the required information on the targets you are testing. The exploitation and post-exploitation sections will supply you with the tools you would need to go as far as the scope of work will allow you. The challenges at the end of each chapter are designed to challenge you and provide real-world situations that will hone and perfect your penetration testing skills. You will start with a review of several well respected penetration testing methodologies, and following this you will learn a step-by-step methodology of professional security testing, including stealth, methods of evasion, and obfuscation to perform your tests and not be detected!

The final challenge will allow you to create your own complex layered architecture with defences and protections in place, and provide the ultimate testing range for you to practice the methods shown throughout the book. The challenge is as close to an actual penetration test assignment as you can get!

Style and approach

The book follows the standard penetration testing stages from start to finish with step-by-step examples. The book thoroughly covers penetration test expectations, proper scoping and planning, as well as enumeration and foot printing

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