Auteur: Kabe, Siddhesh
Editeur: Packt Publishing
Publication: 2016
Edition n°:
ISBN: 978-1-78528369-7
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A handy guide that covers the most essential topics for Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification in an easy-to-understand format

About This Book

  • Get to grips with the fundamentals of to pass the certification exam with flying colors
  • Create applications, automate business processes, and manage data operations to be a successful Certified app builder
  • A step-by-step guide that covers the most essential topics for the Platform App Builder Certification in an easy-to-understand format

Who This Book Is For

Salesforce beginners who need to prepare for the Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification exam will benefit from this book. This book is ideal for developers and admins who are new to Salesforce CRM and the platform. It is recommended that users have some basic programming knowledge and are familiar with salesforce. By the end of the book, you will be ready to appear for the exam and develop various applications on the cloud platform.

What You Will Learn

  • Learn the basics of the cloud platform
  • Learn to build objects that align with your business
  • Understand the process of building an application on platform
  • Kick-start your certification journey in basic- easy-to-follow guide
  • Focus on important topics that help you accomplish your certification goals
  • Learn to secure your application with the Salesforce security model
  • Manipulate and process large amount of data using the data tools
  • Prepare for the exam with sample mock questions

In Detail

The Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder exam is for individuals who want to demonstrate their skills and knowledge in designing, building, and implementing custom applications using the declarative customization capabilities of

This book will build a strong foundation in to prepare you for the platform app builder certification exam. It will guide you through designing the interface while introducing the Lightning Process Builder. Next, we will implement business logic using various point and click features of We will learn to manage data and create reports and dashboards. We will then learn to administer the application by configuring the object-level, field-level, and record-level security.

By the end of this book, you will be completely equipped to take the Platform App Builder certification exam.

Style and approach

Simple and to-the-point examples that can be tried out in your developer org.

A practical book for professionals who want to take the Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification exam.

Sample questions for every topic in an exam pattern to help you prepare better, and tips to get things started.

Full of screen-shots, diagrams, and clear step-by-step instructions that cover the entire syllabus for the exam.

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