Auteur: Bansal, Hanish
Auteur: Chauhan, Saurabh
Auteur: Mehrotra, Shrey
Editeur: Packt Publishing
Publication: 2016
Edition n°:
ISBN: 978-1-78216108-0
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Easy, hands-on recipes to help you understand Hive and its integration with frameworks that are used widely in today's big data world

About This Book

  • Grasp a complete reference of different Hive topics.
  • Get to know the latest recipes in development in Hive including CRUD operations
  • Understand Hive internals and integration of Hive with different frameworks used in today's world.

Who This Book Is For

The book is intended for those who want to start in Hive or who have basic understanding of Hive framework. Prior knowledge of basic SQL command is also required

What You Will Learn

  • Learn different features and offering on the latest Hive
  • Understand the working and structure of the Hive internals
  • Get an insight on the latest development in Hive framework
  • Grasp the concepts of Hive Data Model
  • Master the key concepts like Partition, Buckets and Statistics
  • Know how to integrate Hive with other frameworks such as Spark, Accumulo, etc

In Detail

Hive was developed by Facebook and later open sourced in Apache community. Hive provides SQL like interface to run queries on Big Data frameworks. Hive provides SQL like syntax also called as HiveQL that includes all SQL capabilities like analytical functions which are the need of the hour in today's Big Data world.

This book provides you easy installation steps with different types of metastores supported by Hive. This book has simple and easy to learn recipes for configuring Hive clients and services. You would also learn different Hive optimizations including Partitions and Bucketing. The book also covers the source code explanation of latest Hive version.

Hive Query Language is being used by other frameworks including spark. Towards the end you will cover integration of Hive with these frameworks.

Style and approach

Starting with the basics and covering the core concepts with the practical usage, this book is a complete guide to learn and explore Hive offerings.

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