Auteur: Larson, Joe
Editeur: Packt Publishing
Publication: 2016
Edition n°:
ISBN: 978-1-78588573-0
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Learn how to design 3D-printed objects that work in the real world

About This Book

  • This book shows you how to design from a reference to physical objects that can be easily represented by simple basic objects in Blender (cube, cylinder, sphere, and so on) by measuring them
  • This is the only book on the market that shows you how to take your first steps to create 3D printed objects that are able to interact with existing objects
  • Learn how to utilize Blender's functionality to make your designs more precise and accurate

Who This Book Is For

Reader will have basic knowledge of Blender and 3D Printing, and will have probably already made something simple. They will be interested in printing their first object.

What You Will Learn

  • Gain techniques to accurately measure the objects with rules, manual calipers, and digital calipers
  • Break down complex geometries into multiple simple shapes and model them in layers using Blender
  • Scale and re-scale a model to fit based on volume or size constraints
  • See how to multishell geometries and auto-intersections using the Boolean Modifier

In Detail

Want to model a 3D printed prototype of an object that needs to be replaced or broken? This book will teach you how to accurately measure objects in the real world with a few basic measuring techniques and how to create an object for 3D printing around the objects measured.

In this book, you'll learn to identify basic shapes from a given object, use Vernier and Digital calipers and grid paper tracing techniques to derive measurements for the objects. With the help of measurements, you'll see to model these objects using Blender, organize the parts into layers, and later combine them to create the desired object, which in this book is a 3D printable SD card holder ring that fits your finger.

Style and approach

This book will be an easy-to-follow guide to learn the methods of scaling, precise measurements, and accurate designing. Using a step-by-step approach, this book will guide you on your journey to model different parts of a complex object and later combine them to create 3D printed objects that work in the real world.

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