Auteur: Ii, Anthony Minessale
Auteur: Maruzzelli, Giovanni
Editeur: Packt Publishing
Publication: 2016
Edition n°:
ISBN: 978-1-78439888-0
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Master the art of advanced VoIP and WebRTC communication with the most dynamic application server, FreeSWITCH

About This Book

  • Forget the hassle - make FreeSWITCH work for you
  • Discover how FreeSWITCH integrates with a range of tools and APIs
  • From high availability to IVR development use this book to become more confident with this useful communication software

Who This Book Is For

SysAdmins, VoIP engineers – whoever you are, whatever you're trying to do, this book will help you get more from FreeSWITCH.

What You Will Learn

  • Get to grips with the core concepts of FreeSWITCH
  • Learn FreeSWITCH high availability
  • Work with SIP profiles, gateways, ITSPs, and Codecs optimization
  • Implement effective security on your projects
  • Master audio manipulation and recording
  • Discover how FreeSWITCH works alongside WebRTC
  • Build your own complex IVR and PBX applications
  • Connect directly to PSTN/TDM
  • Create your own FreeSWITCH module
  • Trace SIP packets with the help of best open source tools
  • Implement Homer Sipcapture to troubleshoot and debug all your platform traffic

In Detail

FreeSWITCH is one of the best tools around if you're looking for a modern method of managing communication protocols through a range of different media. From real-time browser communication with the WebRTC API to implementing VoIP (voice over internet protocol), with FreeSWITCH you're in full control of your projects. This book shows you how to unlock its full potential – more than just a tutorial, it's packed with plenty of tips and tricks to make it work for you.

Written by members of the team who actually helped build FreeSWITCH, it will guide you through some of the newest features of version 1.6 including video transcoding and conferencing. Find out how FreeSWITCH interacts with other tools and APIs, learn how to tackle common (and not so common) challenges ranging from high availability to IVR development and programming advanced PBXs.

Great communication functionality begins with FreeSWITCH – find out how and get your project up and running today.

Style and approach

Find out how it works, then put your knowledge into practice - that's how this advanced FreeSWITCH guide has been designed to help you learn. You'll soon master FreeSWITCH and be confident using it in your projects.

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