Auteur: Radez, Dan
Editeur: Packt Publishing
Publication: 2016
Edition n°: 2
ISBN: 978-1-78646266-4
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Untangle the complexity of OpenStack clouds through this practical tutorial

About This Book

  • Navigate through the complex jungle of components in OpenStack using practical instructions
  • This book helps administrators, cloud engineers, and even developers to consolidate and control pools of compute, networking, and storage resources
  • Learn to use the centralized dashboard and administration panel to monitor large-scale deployments

Who This Book Is For

This book is perfect for administrators, cloud engineers, and operators who want to get started with OpenStack, solve basic problems encountered during deployment, and get up to speed with the latest release of OpenStack. Familiarity with the Linux command line and experience with Linux system administration is expected.

What You Will Learn

  • Brush up on the latest release, and how it affects the various components
  • Install OpenStack using the Packstack and RDO Manager installation tool
  • Learn to convert a computer node that supports Docker containers
  • Implement Ceph Block Device images with OpenStack
  • Create and allocate virtual networks, routers and IP addresses to OpenStack Tenants.
  • Configuring and Launching a Docker container.

In Detail

OpenStack is a widely popular platform for cloud computing. Applications that are built for this platform are resilient to failure and convenient to scale. This book, an update to our extremely popular OpenStack Essentials (published in May 2015) will help you master not only the essential bits, but will also examine the new features of the latest OpenStack release - Mitaka; showcasing how to put them to work straight away.

This book begins with the installation and demonstration of the architecture. This book will tech you the core 8 topics of OpenStack. They are Keystone for Identity Management, Glance for Image management, Neutron for network management, Nova for instance management, Cinder for Block storage, Swift for Object storage, Ceilometer for Telemetry and Heat for Orchestration. Further more you will learn about launching and configuring Docker containers and also about scaling them horizontally. You will also learn about monitoring and Troubleshooting OpenStack.

Style and approach

This book offers step-by-step practical instructions to help you quickly navigate through the complexities of OpenStack

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