Auteur: Jamro, Marcin
Editeur: Packt Publishing
Publication: 2016
Edition n°:
ISBN: 978-1-78646772-0
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Discover over 125 solution-based recipes to help you build applications for smartphones, tablets, and desktops

About This Book

  • Learn to build applications for Windows 10, the latest Windows version
  • Develop your applications to be compatible with smartphones, tablets, and desktops
  • This guide is packed with recipes covering major solutions to day-to-day problems faced by Windows programmers

Who This Book Is For

The book is dedicated to programmers with various experience of developing applications for Windows-based smartphones, tablets, and desktops—even beginners can find suitable content.

What You Will Learn

  • Start developing universal applications for Windows 10
  • Design user interface in the XAML language
  • Use the MVVM design pattern with data binding
  • Store data in files and in a database
  • Use multimedia content and animations
  • Capture data from built-in sensors
  • Handle various Internet-based scenarios
  • Test the application and submit it to the Windows Store

In Detail

Need to ensure you can always create the best Windows apps regardless of platform? What you need are solutions to the biggest issues you can face, so you can always ensure you're making the right choices and creating the best apps you can.

The book starts with recipes that will help you set up the integrated development environment before you go ahead and design the user interface. You will learn how to use the MVVM design pattern together with data binding, as well as how to work with data in different file formats.

Moving on, you will explore techniques to add animations and graphics to your application, and enable your solution to work with multimedia content.

You will also see how to use sensors, such as an accelerometer and a compass, as well as obtain the current GPS location. You will make your application ready to work with Internet-based scenarios, such as composing e-mails or downloading files, before finally testing the project and submitting it to the Windows Store.

By the end of the book, you will have a market-ready application compatible across different Windows devices, including smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

Style and approach

This quick-start book takes a cookbook format with recipes covering more than 125 solutions to help you create and build applications for Windows 10. The examples presented in the book use the free integrated development environment. A supporting set of codes that present solutions to problems described in particular chapters is available as well.

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