Auteur: Ilacqua, Dr. Christopher
Auteur: Cronstrom, Dr. Henric
Auteur: Richardson, James
Editeur: Packt Publishing
Publication: 2017
Edition n°:
ISBN: 978-1-78899492-7
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Perform Interactive Data Analysis with Smarter Visualizations and Support your Enterprise-wide Analytical Needs

About This Book

  • Get a practical demonstration of discovering data for sales, human resources, and more using Qlik Sense
  • Create dynamic dashboards for business intelligence and predictive analytics
  • Create and collaborate comprehensive analytical solutions using Rattle and Qlik Sense

Who This Book Is For

This course is for anyone who wishes to understand and utilize the various new approaches to business intelligence actively in their business practice. Knowing the basics of business intelligence concepts would be helpful when picking up this course, but is not mandatory.

What You Will Learn

  • Build simple visualization models with Rattle and Qlik Sense Desktop
  • Get to grips with the life cycle and new visualization functions of a Qlik Sense application
  • Discover simple ways to examine data and get it ready for analysis
  • Visualize your data with Qlik Sense's engaging and informative graphs
  • Build efficient and responsive Associative Models
  • Optimize Qlik Sense for sales, human resources, and demographic data discovery
  • Explore various tips and tricks of navigation for the Qlik Sense® front end
  • Develop creative extensions for your Qlik Sense® dashboard

In Detail

Qlik Sense is powerful and creative visual analytics software that allows users to discover data, explore it, and dig out meaningful insights in order to make a profit and make decisions for your business. This course begins by introducing you to the features and functions of the most modern edition of Qlik Sense so you get to grips with the application.

The course will teach you how to administer the data architecture in Qlik Sense, enabling you to customize your own Qlik Sense application for your business intelligence needs. It also contains numerous recipes to help you overcome challenging situations while creating fully featured desktop applications in Qlik Sense. It explains how to combine Rattle and Qlik Sense Desktop to apply predictive analytics to your data to develop real-world interactive data applications. The course includes premium content from three of our most popular books:

  • Learning Qlik Sense: The Official Guide Second Edition
  • Qlik Sense Cookbook
  • Predictive Analytics using Rattle and Qlik Sense

On completion of this course, you will be self-sufficient in improving your data analysis and will know how to apply predictive analytics to your datasets. Through this course, you will be able to create predictive models and data applications, allowing you to explore your data insights much deeper.

Style and approach

The course will follow a practical approach with rich set of examples through which it will demonstrate its concepts, features and its implementation. The course will also feature numerous solutions which will cover entire spectrum of BI use cases.

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