Auteur: Nagy, Gaspar
Auteur: Rose, Seb
Editeur: Packt Publishing
Publication: 2019
Edition n°:
ISBN: 978-1-83921182-9
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Get the most out of the discovery phase of Behavior Driven Development (BDD)

Key Features

  • Get a comprehensive overview of the discovery phase and see where it fits into BDD
  • Learn specific technical practices needed to successfully drive development
  • Gain insight into how to use BDD in almost any project – not just agile approaches

Book Description

Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) is an agile approach to software development that insists that detailed requirements for a feature should be defined collaboratively by the business and delivery teams. This book explores, in detail, the collaborative aspect of BDD.

The book starts by explaining the need for BDD and describes techniques for getting the most out of the collaboration between the delivery team (those that implement the solution) and the business team (those that work on the requirements). You'll also learn how BDD can be integrated into the development process and answer some common questions, such as “Who should write the scenarios?" and “Should the testers or the developers automate the scenarios?” The last chapters discuss how to use BDD in agile and fixed-price projects and how to involve your business partners in your projects.

By the end of the book, you'll have discovered the importance of collaboration and learned techniques to effectively implement these ideas in your software development lifecycle.

What you will learn

  • Explore why BDD exists, what challenges it addresses, and how it works
  • Establish structured conversations to finalize requirements
  • Discover techniques to form concrete examples that clearly list requirements
  • Gain insight into the tasks involved while following the BDD approach
  • Get good automated test coverage by tightly connecting tests and scenarios
  • Develop scenarios to get a functional breakdown of a story

Who this book is for

This book is written for everyone involved in the specification and delivery of software (including product owners, business analysts, developers, and testers). This book is aimed at everyone involved in the project, irrespective of your role, whether you come from a software background or not.

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